Boxercise classes are high energy, the ultimate boxing aerobic workout, challenging but fun and friendly. Fun fitness games, core stability, kickboxing, pad work and circuit training are all included. Boxercise classes are based on training concepts employed by boxers. Classes are varied but a standard session may involve skipping, kicking pads, press-ups, sit-ups and of course lots of pad work and shadow boxing. Boxercise is for men and women of any age and fitness level. No class involves the physical hitting of an opponent so you can enjoy the adrenalin of an energetic, challenging, fast paced and safe workout. Training classes are for everyone. No matter your size, shape or sex. You can work to your own levels. You can release your aggression in a controlled manner. Although there is no physical contact Boxercise enables you to take control of your body and be more confident in protecting yourself if you ever need to.

A Boxercise workout uses your whole body - your arms, legs, shoulders, core to name a few, and the time flies as you work on your body movement, agility and momentum. Our Boxercise instructors will teach you the correct techniques so you become more comfortable with the punches enabling you to punch faster, tone up more quickly and burn fat more efficiently!

  • EVERY class is different so you never get bored or plateau
  • High Energy classes for BIG motivation!
  • Have fun & meet lots of new people
  • Build your Stamina and Self confidence
  • Get a firm toned figure & lose the flab
  • All Fitness Levels & Ages Welcome
  • Safe Non-Contact Indoor classes

Each participant can work at their own rate and can take breaks as and when required. You’ll also meet lots of new people, lose weight and get fit together!

If you come regularly to a Boxercise workout you'll get cut, you'll get definition, but you won't gain bulk. Boxercise is a phenomenal workout and best of all, it's fun and relatively inexpensive. So don't just sit there - get your gloves on!